The trials of Socrates.

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The Trials of Socrates

Was Socrates just putting his points out to the people or testing how much

they know? I feel that Socrates should be found not guilty, because I feel that he

was just testing how much the people know about their government. He had

bravery because he choose to drink the poisoned hemlock, when he could have

fled. His obligation though was to his family and he choose his own way. The

truth is that he had his own right to do what he wanted. The knowledge is that

in those times people were not allowed to just go out and speak their mind. The

Athenian Democracy is where rich men rule over all little people.

Socrates stood up for what he believed in and he made a very big impact

on the Athenian people. He gave them the freedom of thought. Also, he gave

them the freedom to a fair trial.

He was a smart man that liked asking questions.

Is that so harmful? Socrates was so smart that he held his own classes for young

men. He just wanted to show them the ropes, and his best student ( Plato )

followed in his foot steps. So, what does that tell you about him? It tells you that

he was a great teacher.

His obligation was simple, but even he messed it up because of his

teachings. He had a wife and a child that he couldn't even take care of, but he

tried to help them as much as he could. For Socrates it was either family and life,

or death and remembrance. He choose death and remembrance. And it was a

wise and stupid choice. It was wise because he would be remembered for his

great teaching. Stupid because he was forgetting all...