Triathlon Training

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The Scenario

Hi, i am 15 years old and i am a female training to compete in a triathlon which is 2 years away. I am pretty sporty and i love running, swimming, bike riding and dancing.

Recently, i have been researching on the net and in sport magazines that if i wish to suceed i need a very carefully planned out training program.

I will need a lot of mental preparation aswell as physical and body conditioning for this hard competition.

Health Related Components

I am a pretty healthy person but i know i need more training and fitness to start my program.

I will set my mind to doing my best to improve on these areas:

· Cardiovascular fitness: Beep test, aerobics, running treadmills, bike riding.

· strength: weightlifting, resistance, grip test

· Muscular endurance: sit ups, push ups, weightlifting

· Flexibility: stretch, yoga, dancing, kickboxing

· Body fat: skin fold measurements, dieting, exercising

Skill Related Components

In order for my muscles to cope with the pressures they will go through during training i will need to improve my skills so that they can get use to the pressures.

I have listed the things i need to improve on and some ways i can do it:

· Speed: 50m sprint

· Agility: agility run

· Reaction time: ruler test

· Balance: stalk stand

· Power: long jump

· Co-ordination: ball toss

The Principles Of Training

In order to achieve the best i can i am following the "FITT" principle in my training program. FITT stands for the following words:

F is for Frequency

I think i should train at least 3-4 times a week or even every 2nd day to keep me fit.

I is for Intensity

Maximum Heart Rate (MHR) should be 220 minus my age which...