“A Tribute to Hip Hop”

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An essay response to a piece, "A Tribute to Hip Hop" In today's media, Rap music is look upon as something negative and hateful. I, on the other hand, have a great passion for it. This is why I chose to do my essay on a piece called "A Tribute to Hip-Hop", by my brother, Ryan Collins. This piece is about how true hip-hop fans feel about the music, as opposed to people who portray it as something bad. Most people who judge Rap don't know the background of it and feel that it's all about drugs, killing people, and cursing other people out. This is not the case, it is so much more than that. Hip Hop expresses emotion, and soul into every verse. When I first read this piece I thought, "wow... this is exactly how I feel about hip hop". I loved it. I have so many memories in which people told me that rap is not good music.

In most cases these people do not even listen to the genre, and I'm convinced if they did their viewpoint would change. I love this piece of writing because I feel exactly what the writer feels, anger and confusion, as to why people don't look past the image that rap characterizes in the media.

The title, "A Tribute to Hip-Hop", summarizes exactly what this piece is about, the appreciation and love for hip-hop. As I read this, questions rise in my head like, why do some people think badly about hip-hop? Is it because hip-hop is a background of black culture, and black people are looked at as "criminals"? The main message that the writer tries convey is that not all rap is about selling and using drugs, and not all rap uses cursing to get their...