Tricks of macdonalds advertising.

Essay by manyman October 2005

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It's the 2005 NBA finals and I am anxiously waiting to hear the half time reports from the commentators between the Detroit Pistons and the San Antonio Spurs. Instead I hear the McDonalds high light half time report that appears on the television screen. They advertise their new Big Mac meal in conjunction with reports on the first half of the game. I suddenly realize I have not had dinner. So I grab my car keys and off I go to the nearest McDonald's restaurant. These fast food advertisers present the excellence of their products to consumers by all possible means because successful advertising stimulates sales of products. Certain tricks are employed by fast food restaurants to catch consumers' attention among numerous competitors. Advertisers have blended their products into society in diverse ways different from the traditional way of merely advertising to create awareness.

One way they have advertised their products successfully is through sports.

I watch sports because I often regard sports people as ambassadors whom I see as role models. I love to see the muscular build of sports men which I crave to have. Other people love sports for different reasons; some for the entertainment, passion and emotions. I used to think that by eating a McDonalds Big Mac, I would attain the athletic physique of my role models. However, this is not true because regular eating of a Big Mac would only add fat to my body. I am tricked by the advertisements. After realizing this trick I still yearn for a Big Mac and having one makes the game feel complete. Consequently, I am forced to have a Big Mac by my side during the games. So while I watch sports, I also enjoy the meal which makes the situation feel like a...