I tried to examine three poems in this paper. "I Felt a Funeral in My Brain" from fameous poet Emily Dickinson, "Anthem for Doomed Youth" from Wilfred Owen and "Ulysses" from Alfred Lord Tennyson.

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As we can easly understand, these 3 poems can remind us of some ideas and feelings about death. These emotions and feelings are generally heavy and serious. Non of these 3 poets can find death as a happy ending. Both 3 poets have stong feelings about death. Death is alwas a sad thing for people but for my own idea people are more realxed and quite about death these days. That should be by the reason of bad life standards. One another thing that I've to mention is that these 3 poets had lived nearly in the same period. We can generalize their lifes and can say that they've lived in late 19th century and early 20th century. So this can give us an idea about thoughts about death on those times.

Now lets have a look at these poems a little bit. First of all I want to start with "Anthem for Doomed Youth" of Wilfred Owen. This is the one that I like at most. Poem talks about the war. Moreover it tells us about the soldiers that are dying at the war while fighting at the battle. Poem tells us that there is no funeral ceremony for those soldigers. They r dying and simply and disgustingly lying somewhere no one knows. Poet is so sad about this situation and he finds this so pirimitive, absurd and upsetting. Poet says that the gun fires are their Church bells for the funeral ceremony at the war. No one will pray for them but rifle sounds are thier prays. And he says that no one will mourn for them. Only the screams of dying soldiers may be the mourners for themselves. And he thinks that there is no chorus for these dying soldiers. He sees the pipe...