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Little Things Matter

Something of little importance or value is exactly how women are viewed in the early twentieth century, which is when this play probably took place. Glaspell, the author of Trifles uses the character John Wright, a farmer, to express the views of this time period by using him to dominate his wife Mrs. Wright, formally known as Minnie Foster. He dominated her, by making her lonely and not showing any love. The house, which they had created, was depressing and gloomy. This murder mystery shows the difference between the sexes and reveals truth as a gift and that trifles really matter.

Minnie Foster was a character which changed dramatically throughout the play. In the beginning she was kind and sweet and enjoyed life and singing in the choir at church. When she became Mrs. Wright all of this changed. They worked hard on their farm, apart from each other, not just physically but mentally.

Because of her hard work she no longer dressed up or sang at church. Also, she had no friends or children to talk to and so she lived a very

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lonely life. The one thing that was close to her was her

bird who was caged in just as she was. Mr. Wright took the one thing she loved by killing her bird and so out of rage she returned the favor by killing him.

Many of the clues that were left behind by Mrs. Wright after killing her husband, were overlooked by the men in the play. The women on the other hand saw the quilt, the preserves, and the dirty dishtowel as clues, while the men viewed them as unimportant. Its ironic, because the men viewed the women as unintelligent and yet it is them who solve the case.