A Trip Of A Lifetime

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A Trip of a Lifetime From the second the immense super jet lifted off our native soil of America and soared into the cloudy sky, a feeling of excitement and intrigue crossed the faces of the plane's passengers. The patrons of this flight all had their own ideas of this new land, from the pictures and illustrations to the long stories and epic poems written about this new country's beauty. The anticipation of a foreign land with new customs, food, people, culture, and festivals made for a jolly atmosphere as we embarked on a trip of a lifetime.

From the start of the journey, the indications of a special and festive time began to emerge on the plane ride to this great country of Great Britain. These emotions were cast through the happy expression on everybody's face, and the warmth that radiated from their hearts. Even the grinch of the group, my sister, began to show a small inkling of a holiday mood.

Although many of the travelers on this magnificent flight were tourists, there were a few native Scotts and Brits on the aircraft. These people had another reason to celebrate aside from the American holiday of Christmas, the festival known as Boxing Day was about to commence in these people's homes. This holiday of sequential festive days stretches about the length of a week. Gradually the initial excitement wears down as the lengthy air ride takes hold of the travelers. Each person slips into his own routine, whether watching a movie on the plane's multiple televisions, listening to music, or reading a favorite book or magazine.

Eight hours, two movies, and two meals later, the cumbersome airliner landed safely in a little town called London. The bustling sounds of the worried travelers and the rush to receive...