The Trip to Savannah

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Today is my sister's birthday and we are going out of town to Savannah. I had packed my bags that evening before my sister had come to pick me up. My nephews had basketball practice. After my sister had gotten there, my sister stayed at my parents house for a few minutes and picked up my nephew to take him to his dad for the weekend.Around eight we had gotten to Savannah and stayed at the Hilton Desoto Hotel. It was very nice on the inside. The inside had three huge chandelers,restaurant, thirteen floors, a big gingerbread house that you can eat,and vending machines. I had alot of fun with my family, because my sister had made it another year of her birthday.As we settled in we had played Boggle. I had watched the Warner Robins Football team play the last game before they had to compete for the championship.

I was so happy they had won the game by an blowout. At theis time, were still playing boggle. I had taken pictures of the bridge on the balcony in the daytime and the nighttime. The pictures were so pretty and beautiful. Also,we had special parking where the person drives your car and park it until you want to drive or get something out the car. My sister had gotten a fruit basket that had come in handy. My sister had grapes,apples,apple juice, pineapple juice, orange juice, and bottles of welches.