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Pollution in Fahrenheit 451 Through his virtuous and insightful novel Fahrenheit 451, Ray Bradbury reveals a world of neglect and one-way thinking we are becoming familiar with.

Under the protagonist of this story, Guy Montag, a "fireman" (book burner), Bradbury faces many issues affecting our own time. As we see Montag realize the insanity of his own society, he tries to solve a problem facing in the whole world.

Bradbury's style how been thought about in this way: "He believes a science fiction is a way to solve a problem in the existing world." (Mergeling, 877). "He refers to himself as an "˜idea writer'" (Unger, 77). Bradbury, a science fiction author, shows us the ways that a polluted society is like an asylum, which our own society today is slowly beginning to reflect.

The most obvious sign of pollution in this novel was pollution of the people's minds.

The first sign was the fear of firemen that Clarisse, a 17 year old girl, had. (Bradbury,7). Clarisse also explains to Montag how scared she is of people her own age and how violent they are towards one another (Bradbury, 30).

Their minds are also polluted as the book revealed violence was a form of entertainment. People enjoyed fun parks, where violence was encouraged (30).

Also, people drove fast down the streets at night trying to hit people, such as an incident when Montag was almost run over by a group of speeding teenagers (128). There was also a lack of Religion. Faber wondered if God recognized his own son because of the way they saw him (81). He goes on to say how long it has been since God has been known (81). Also, Faber realizes people don't look at God the same (81). These are all signs of...