The Triumph Of Homosapiens

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The Triumph of Homo sapiens Man has been on this earth for a relatively short time compared to how long the earth has been around. In this short time, humans have changed the face of the planet irreparably. What caused the first Homo sapiens to change the environment to suit their needs rather than vise versa? The ability to communicate vocally in detail has advanced mankind further then other species that has ever existed. With every necessity to survival at our fingertips, will the human skeletal structure gradually fit the shape of a recliner? The effects on the physical appearance of the body could be detrimental to our continued existence.

Homo sapiens are the first species to develop and implement complex culture. Through the use of tools, the landscape was sculpted to fit ideal conditions for human survival. Humans have extracted the resources of the earth to construct shelters to protect them form the element and prolong life.

The mastery of creation and proper use of tools was what set man apart form the animals. Physical adaptation becomes obsolete because a tool could be made to mimic any action that an evolutionary change could have accomplished. In order to standardize the use of tools throughout society, there had to be verbalized communication.

Language is a milestone in the process from physically evolving to adapting the environment to fit our needs. Armed with complex communication abilities, Homo sapiens could coordinate efforts to undertake huge projects, such as hunting a wooly mammoth. Everyone could state their needs and what they had to offer to best help the whole. Individuals now worked toward a common goal. Additionally, the use of speech caused knowledge to be cumulative. The failures and successes of the past could be passed down though the use of speech. This put an emphasis on the brain and less on the posterior.

Ancient humans and animals alike had to develop strong thick bones and muscles to protect them from the harsh realities of life in the uncivilized world. Since culture has made survival not dependant on brute strength, the human skeleton is not nearly as robust as it once was. If this trend continues, there will be nothing but a twig like body supporting and enormous head. With cumulative knowledge and intelligence always growing, the brain is bound to grow as well.

Species prior to Homo sapiens lacked enough intelligence and proper vocal chord structure to convey thoughts into words. Because of this shortcoming they had to evolve physical adaptations to ensure there continued existence. Homo sapiens transcended their need to evolve by communicating things they had learned, and using these lessons to create tools suited to the task at hand. With tools, huge projects could be done quicker and more efficiently. The quality of the product also increased as technology advanced. While the direction of man's evolution is heading towards brains over brawn, what will happen to the body of the Homo sapient? Soon it will be a faded negative of the image it used to be.