The Trojan War: Gods

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The Trojan War is the most pivotal point in the Greek crusade. However, was the outcome affected by the men that fought and died? Or was it merely twisted by the gods acting like men to fulfill their own pre set goals. There are many points in this epic journey that the gods imitated humans in many ways. They use motivation to curve actions, emotions to sway characters ideas, and actions themselves to control the outcome of the story itself. Although we now know the gods are not real, in the years when Greek mythology took place these figures of supernatural beings profoundly influenced the outcome of any story or war.

"Ares, god of war, always took sides with Aphrodite; while Poseidon, Lord of the Sea, favored the Greeks, a sea people, always great sailors." (2) In that sentence alone the gods are playing humans based on their emotions.

Poseidon taking sides with the Greeks just because they are good sailors is just based on his initial impression. Gods are depicted being real humans, and these real supernatural humans are what sway the battle in favor of the already preset outcome. "Athena, sweeping down to the battlefield, persuaded the foolish heart of Pandarus, a Trojan, to break the truce and shoot an arrow at Menelaus." (2) Once again the gods have supposedly interfered with the battle. Instead of Menelaus shooting the arrow freely, uninfluenced he claims that Athena swooped down and whispered for him to do it. Athena's actions also make it seem as if she is a human. Like a best friend patting you on the shoulder and saying to jump off a bridge.

"He himself went down to earth and began to help the Trojans. Then it went hard for the Greeks." (3) This makes you think why a god an ethereal being can actually change the outcome of a battle. Did Zeus's actions really impact the outcome of the battle? Was he really a man, dressed in glorious armor fighting along side the Trojans? Metaphors can only go so far. Did the Trojans and the Greeks know that a god was fighting side by side with the Trojans, or perhaps a few miracles took place on the battlefield and labeled it divine intervention? To complete the claims that these gods act like humans is when Athena made "Magical Armor" for Achilles. It's as if you are giving your friend a better pair of jeans to wear to a party. Athena wanted him to win the fight against Hector so running with her human like emotions made it happen.

A lot of things happened within this time period. Gods were human, and if that is the case than anything can happen but, only if the gods wanted it to. The story plays on the god's emotions, and actions to change the outcomes of the different events. If a god did not side you were out of luck. However, did these gods actually exist or just to blame for the ending of this epic battle.