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Louis felt his kneecaps almost shatter, as he landed on the rock ledge. His legs totally collapsed from fatigue, as he took the two-metre drop. Lee tumbled after him and helped him up.

Louis had been running faster than ever before. It might have been because there was no way of seeing where he put his feet and had no choice but to the unexpected jumps that appeared in front of him, or the fear that the storm behind them would make their barely covered bodies freeze.

Louis and Lee had been rock climbing on the Tafelberg Spout and did not judge correctly the time it would take them to get up and down this challenging monolith. They both knew there was bad weather on the way, but the weather forecast predicted it would only arrive that Sunday night. They planned to climb up to the top on Saturday, spend the night there and abseil back down, before the storm started on Sunday night.

Obviously nature was not on their side this time, as they found themselves hurtling down the foot of mountain with almost no light, on the Sunday night. Fortunately they spotted a farmhouse's lights in the distance and knew they could get a place to sleep for the night, but had to hurry before the storm closed in on them.

The blood trickled through Louis's fingers as he held his knees and screamed in pain. To see how badly Louis was injured, Lee took a box of matches out of his pocket and lit them all at once. The rocks around them danced with yellow and orange light that emitted from Lee's blistered hand.

Louis's injuries were mild, compared to what lay in front of them. Striking that box of matches actually saved their lives, as they found themselves a metre from the edge of a twenty-metre cliff. Once they had gathered themselves they made their way, more carefully, down to the farmhouse.

The farmhouse was a very old double-story with pillars on either side of the front door, which, among many other things, Seriously needed some attention. The thick cedar wood door made a hollow thumping sound when Lee knocked on it. They stood there breathless, for what seemed like hours, until a man answered the door. They heard five different latches being unlatched, before a man with a pale face opened it. He was wearing an old robe that blended in with the lines on his unwelcoming face, that almost touched the floor when he spoke. He spoke slowly, with a deep eerie voice that echoed through the frighteningly silent house.

He told them to follow him as they walked towards a flight of stairs at the end of the dark passage. As he walked he told them that the generator broke so there was no electricity to use to make light. They went up the old wooden stairs to the "guest" room. Every door in the house was closed. He also told them not to go into any of the rooms in the passage. It was a small room with only two minute beds with mattresses harder than the ledge Louis fell onto. One of the beds was next to the a little window that over looked the front porch. The strange man said good night and moved out of the room as slowly as he spoke. Lee and Louis started getting ready to go to sleep. Lee took the box of matches out of his pocket and put it on the little side table between the two beds. They were exhausted so they fell asleep immediately.

Louis suddenly woke up for no apparent reason. He lay there for a while wondering about what was behind those doors and about how smoothly the man at the door moved. It was as if he glided across the ground… Louis heard a noise that broke his chain of thought. He woke Lee up to tell him to come with to see what it was. Lee did not want to get up and just went back to sleep. Lee did not bother because Louis was known for joking around and playing practical jokes on people, so Louis went alone.

Louis stealthily crept down the old termite eaten stairs and down the passage of closed doors. He started to breathe very deeply and his hands moistened from perspiration. As he walked down the passage he heard a sound that gave him goose bumps, causing all the hairs on his body to stand erect. The sound came from behind a door with a shiny brass doorknob.

Louis felt a droplet of sweat trickle off his forehead, down the side of his nose and come to rest on his upper lip. Using his dry tongue he licked his upper lip and tasted the rough salt saturated, hairs running along the edge of his lip.

As he turned the knob, many thoughts and fears ran through mind, trying to anticipate what was actually behind the door. He found, to his amazement, that the door was unlocked. He edged it open about two centimetres, just enough to see inside, to see something he thought, never existed.

The room was filled with the yellow and orange flickering light coming from five different candles. Each candle was placed at the points of a pentogram on the floor. There was a naked woman tied down to the floor by her hands and feet at the points on the pentogram. The naked woman had a piece of material tied round her mouth and a blind fold over her eyes that caused her soft black hair to bundle up. Louis looked at her perfect body. She did not have a single scar or spot ruining her beautifully tanned skin. Her breasts were firm and her nipples stood up straight, probably owing to the fact that it was quite cold. She seemed no older than eighteen years old and it looked as though she really looked after here body.

There was a figure standing at each point of the pentogram. Each figure was only wearing a wooden mask, each representing a different animal. They stood there, chanting in some ancient language, with no clothes on. They were all well-groomed and younger than thirty years of age. There were two females and three males.

The male that was standing at the top point of the pentogram walked from the point above the captive's head, round the pentogram, till he stood between her legs. He appeared younger than the others and was well built. The shadows the candles created on his muscular body enhanced the definition of chest and stomach muscles. His mask represented a lion.

One of the female figures approached him. She was slightly older, but she too had a beautiful figure. Her mask represented bear. She raised her hand and the chanting stopped, creating a frightening silence and then said to the 'Lion', "We have been waiting for you, but before you assume leadership you must complete the task of initiation to test if you are truly the chosen one. You must say The Lord's prayer backwards and renounce the name of God. To complete the initiation you must make love to a virgin and then sacrifice her to our master." She then said, "If you are the one we have been preparing for, the world will have no defence against us as the gates of hell open. We will take over the earth and any person that does not follow Satan will feel the wrath of two thousand years of torment and vengeance, and not even God will be able to stop us." He replied, "High Priestess, that moment will be glorious, when we rule the earth, but I'm quite nervous and I'm not sure if I'll perform effectively." She took his hands and placed them on her breasts and said, "There's no need to be nervous. Just try to enjoy yourself." He started to become aroused as she lowered his hands off her soft breasts, down her stomach and past her navel and between her legs. He then turned to the virgin woman tied to the floor and started to say The Lord's prayer backwards. Once he had renounced the name of God, the High Priestess returned to her position on the pentogram and they began chanting again.

Louis kneeled, on his very painful knees, behind the door and watched in sheer awe, almost not breathing, as he was too afraid they would hear him. He was frozen to the spot, although he wanted to run away, he just could not. He found it impossible to resist the temptation of wanting to find out what was going to happen.

The "Lion" kneeled down between the virgin's open legs and began to feel here breasts. He then lay on top of her and kissed and licked her all over her body. The chanting became deeper and slower as he entered her. He started moving slowly and rhythmically, back and forth, with his hands placed on the ground, next to her hips. The muscles on his back tensed and bulged as he moved back and forth, back and forth.

As the violence of his movement intensified, the chanting quickened, until he reached a climax in his orgasm.

No sound came out of his mouth, but his facial expressions definitely complimented his deep breathing. The virgin could only groan, as she had material tied round her mouth.

When the "Lion" was finished he stood up and began to expand. He grew higher and higher until he had to bend over to fit into the room. The four figures bowed down to him and kept chanting. The Priestess stood up holding a knife with large blade that reflected the images of the candle flames. It had amazing engravings on its golden handle. She handed it to "Lion" and said, "Now you must sacrifice the woman and offer her body to Satan." He took the knife from her and walked over to the women on the floor. The "Lion" placed the knife in the woman's vagina and started cutting upward. The knife glided through her flesh, slashing arteries and causing blood to spray everywhere. By the time the knife reached her throat her intestines were hanging out, as the skin flapped back, almost causing to vomit. He could not handle it any longer and went to find some help.

He quietly ran up the stairs and tried to wake Lee up, who, again, did not believe him and just went back to sleep. Louis grabbed one of the climbing ropes they had with them and climbed out the window. He followed the road that lead from the house to the main road. Louis hoped that there might, by some small chance, be somebody on the road.

Louis's hopes came true after two hours when a farmer came driving along. Louis jumped in the car and told the farmer all about it, about how they almost fell off the cliff and everything about the house. Fortunately the farmer had a two-way radio, and he got hold of the police.

The farmer had two shotguns, so they went up to the house and bashed the door down. Louis first ran to the room where everything had happened and then to the upstairs room. To his dismay, he found the house deserted.

The only evidence that the police found of people actually being in the house at all, was a matchbox, with all the matches burnt out.