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A few details, -1979 F-150 4x4 short bed - 400M engine approximately 3000 miles on since complete rebuild. Rebuilt with all new lifters, cam, valves, etc. New cam is a racing cam with power range starting at 2500 RPM. Heads have been machined and intake is Edelbrock performer aluminum. Carburator is Carter AFB competition 650cfm. Headers are Hooker with 4 in 1 configuration. Dual flow through exhaust. New radiator and hoses. Napa spiral cell gel battery. $3300 into engine rebuild and completion.

- originally truck was in "Highboy" configuration, have added 3 inch Rancho lift.

- new Pioneer stereo with CD and truck speakers behind seat.

- New mechanical liquid filled temperature gauge.

- New Polyurethane bushings in steering and front suspension.

- NP435 transmission with divorced transfer case. (4 speed with 1st being very low) - 3.56 open differential gears. Should be 4.11 because of bigger tires.

- 33x12.5x15

BF GoodrichAll Terrain tires, 3000 miles on tires. White spoke steel rims. Includes full size spare.

- Aluminum diamond plate tool box.

Needs, - Truck was backed into on driver side door, needs new door but the old one works fine. Just doesn't look good. Accident also moved cab over approximately half inch. Needs new body mounts to straighten. New mounts cost approximately $100 and can be installed in driveway.

- right rear quarter panel of bed dented from tire coming apart. $? - Tailgate needs new connector rod to open easily. $35 - Needs new rear bumper, or I can take reciever hitch off and put old bumper back on. New bumper is $300.

- left emergency brake cable broken. Have new cable but haven't had time to replace.