How Trudeau changed Canada

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Pierre Elliot Trudeau

John Lennon of the Beatles commented, "If all politicians were like Pierre, there would be world peace." Pierre Elliot Trudeau was one of the best Prime Ministers in Canada in the Twentieth Century because Trudeau balanced the equality between the French and English Canadians, he benefited the public by giving people extra privilege, freedom and safety and he passed many acts and bills that made a great impact on Canada to grow as a nation.

Trudeau kept Canada united, avoiding Quebec from separation. Expressing his opinion towards Quebec, Trudeau said in 1968, "I am trying to put Quebec in its place, and the place of Quebec is in Canada." Before becoming Prime Minister, Trudeau was already concerned about Quebec's political situation. To help the French feel more comfortable and feel like they belonged in Canada, Trudeau established a French magazine, which he named "Cité Libre". In 1968, Trudeau said, "Of course a bilingual state is more expensive than a unilingual one -but it is a richer state".

Trudeau also passed the Official Languages Act in 1969, making French and English Canada's official languages. This act made the federal offices offer services in both languages, therefore, English government workers were taught to speak and understand French. Trudeau hoped to preserve the French heritage in Canada and balance the equality between the French and English. Trudeau's efforts were significant as it helped maintain Canada's unity as a nation.

Secondly, Trudeau benefited the public by giving people in Canada more privilege, more freedom and more safety. Even before his years as Prime Minister, Trudeau made a difference to the public. As the Minister of justice, he guaranteed that almost all Canadian workers were to be covered by the unemployment insurance benefits; he abolished the death penalty in 1976. He also...