True Diversity.

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There are several different degrees of ethical issues that each person may cross in a lifetime. Each one having touched your life, changing your thought processes forever. Once an ethical issue arises, you may have little time to react thus causing your intuition to take over. A person with strong morals, values and beliefs tend to make the right decision quickly.

There are several different definitions of Ethics within the dictionary. My personal favorite is "the rules or standards governing the conduct of a person or the members of a profession". All other definitions tend to mention morals and/or values. Morals are concerned with the judgment of the goodness and/or badness of human action and character. Values on the other hand, stem from childhood teachings. Most values that a person has as an adult, was taught to them by a parent figure. Beliefs can be defined as "mental acceptance of the truth, actuality, or validity of something" by

Knowing the definitions of morals, beliefs, and values, I can now personally define what ethics means to me. Ethics is: understanding your own personal beliefs and values and still having the capability to open your thought processes to other opinions but not allowing those opinions to overtake your own morals.

I believe I have high ethical beliefs, but not so high as to interfere with other lifestyle choices. To me, it is important for all to have the freedom to make choices within their own life without government laws interfering. For example: I believe same sex marriages should not be against the law. If two people love each other and choose to live the rest of their life together as a family, the government should not have a say. Love is something that cannot be controlled by the...