A True Friend

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A True Friend The three most important qualities in a friendship are trust, honesty and loyalty. Although being a great friend requires a lot more, these few are needed to have a reliable friendship and give it the ability to grow.

Trust is a major concern in life. In my group of friends, over the years I have found that trust is hard to come by. When two people have trust in one another, their relationship is stronger. With one you trust, you are able to share your problems and deepest thoughts knowing that your secrets are safe. However, it takes a long time to have trust in someone, and only a short time to loose it.

Therefore when you are able to have someone that shares this special quality, be grateful to have such a successful friendship.

Along with trust, to have a great relationship, honesty is another importance.

The quality of honesty in a friendship mainly consists of telling each other how you feel and personal opinions.

Also, it consists of telling the truth instead of trying to hide things from one another even if you feel that it might hurt them. When it comes down to it, a friend would rather hear if something is wrong from someone they count on rather than from someone else. Not all my friends are 100 percent honest all the time. However, the ones that are, I have more respect for and this makes us all closer and gives me more of a reason to be honest back and consider them special people in my life.

The last quality, I feel needs to be part of a friend, is loyalty.

Without this, you really never know if you have a true friend. To consider someone loyal, they will stand by you...