Is It True that Justice is a Good ? And If So, Does it Mean that We Have Good Reasons to Act Justly?

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And if so, does it mean that we have good reasons to act justly? In formulating your answer, you should consider Thrasymachus's argument in Book I, and the story of Gyges's ring in Book II.

BEING JUST OR UNJUSTJustice is one of the most important concept in people's life. It has been argued by many people and philosophers but however it is not exactly clear that what justice is and what the reality of injustice demand of us. Besides, In ''the Republic'' ; many philosophers tried to find the definition of justice and they wanted to learn why justice is always considered as a good and in what senses justice can be good for the people. According to Socrates, ''justice is something desirable'' and as to Thrasymachus, he thinks that ''justice is advantage of the stronger''( Plato, the Republic, 338c) and he argues that to be strong is related to be just.

As you see, many thinkers tried to define justice like they have tried for the other important values like morality, virtue which is related to people's life and nature. In my essay I will explain these terms according to the Republic and the question which is the subject of this essay, also my thesis which is justice is good because it makes people happy and we want to be just because of its benefit, the benefits make people happy in the society. If so, it means that people have good reasons to act justly because people are only just on account of they are afraid of being punished and they also have fear of suffering from injustice. Therefore, people should behave justly.

One of my argument is related to goods which Glaucon define justice as a good. Glaucon states that all goods can be divided into three classes:...