True love or just a feeling?

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True love or Just a Feeling?

True love and marriage has been shown in many different ways by many stories though out time. Whether the story is fictional or based on real life. In the play The Twelfth Night, the idea of love is more like an illusion than a real feeling that two people feel, for instants duke Orsino and his mad love for Olivia, which is not real because he is only in love with the idea of being in love. The idea of marriage in the play is more like a token of gratitude for a faithful act then the decision of two people. In The Twelfth Night, the idea of love and marriage is beyond real feelings, but only of tokens of gratitude, of a state of mind.

In The Twelfth Night, Orsino payment to Viola is with marriage for being loyal to him in everything, "I'm offering you my hand in marriage because of your loyal service to me" (Act 5, Scene 1), but not only that, there is Sir Toby whom at the end of the play marries Maria for helping him with deceiving Malvolio, at the end Fabian confesses to Olivia, "Sir Toby had Maria wrote that letter, and he married her as a reward " (Act5, Scene1).

With Viola he was rewarding her for being a good servant (use Orsino's speech at the end). And also when it comes to Sir Toby he was really repaying Maria for what she did for him (Fabian's final speech). Even though Sir Toby knew that Maria was in love with him. Well really the representations of love by men in the play were more like a token of gratitude, repaying the women for what they did. For the women, it seems like...