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1.Executive SummaryIn January, 2006, XVD's competitor On2 Technologies announced their partnership with XM to provide XM Satellite Video service by using its True Motion VP7 video compression technology. Similarly, XM's rival Sirius is also planning to roll out its in-car video service in 2008. As Mobile TV is increasingly considered the new killer application in the mobile telecom world, it has offered new opportunities to device-makers, content producers and advertisers, and value-chain infrastructures owner and operators. It also provides XVD new market opportunities with every vendor above with its world's most advanced real-time video compression technology.

Market analysts ABI Research forecasts that global market for mobile TV services will grow to about 250 millions users by 2011, creating market revenue of $27 billion worldwide. It is currently assumed based on market research that users will "snack" on 15-20 minutes of TV programming at a time to catch up on news, sports, weather, major events such as the World Cup or Olympics, and more in real-time using their portable handheld at speeds comparable to watching their favorite TV programs whenever on the go.

Mobile TV services require compression systems that offer high picture quality at low data rates optimized for broadband IP networking. The XVD's cutting edge codec technologies are ideal for live and on demand video services at key data rates appropriate for transmission over satellite and terrestrial systems to mobile devices. XVD currently has only two major product lines in digital streaming Camcast and analog streaming Camcast applications. By leveraging XVD's next generation compression technology, XVD has the capability to extend into this new mobile television market and develop a new line of product -- HD Mobile TV (high definition Mobile Television).

The concept of mobile TV is to provide consumer with the ability to watch live, direct...