True Morals

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Let me first start by introducing myself. My name is Patrick Doran. I am fifteen years old and I go to Van Gough High School in Los Angeles. I would not say that my school was safe, because there is so much violence around that area it's crazy. I lead a normal life, and try to stay out of trouble (at least I try).I have a younger sister named Christina. She's twelve and annoying, but what can I say? I love her. We both live with my very wise grandmother in a one-bedroom apartment a few blocks away from my school. I would not say we were economically well off, but we get by. My grandmother works very hard as a maid at some woman's house. She gets enough to feed us and get us what we need.

But lately my grandmother's been sick, and she can't work as hard as she used to.

We try to help her out as much as we can. I take odd jobs here and there mowing lawns and cleaning out garages but sometimes it's not enough. Almost low enough that I even thought about resulting to committing a crime… let me tell you about what happened.

When I came home one day I found another one of my grandmother's shopping lists on the table with some money. She always entrusted me with the job of shopping at the mini-mart because she knew I loved it. So I waited for my sister to come home from school so I could take her with me. When she came home we set off, walking the two blocks to the mini-mart around the corner. On the way Christina met up with one of her friends and started jabbering away. I decide to meet her at the...