True Self.

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True Self

"Uh, let go of me!"she tried to jerk free from his grip. Suddenly, she discovered that what under her feet was hollow.

She flighted down the stairs, expecting to bring her true self back to life with the assist of her creator, Lojus, the holder of the seventh Hades, the last gate to the genesis. No beings, in any form of existence had passed through this gate. No beings, of any abilities would reach the neo-realm of survival. Even she, Lojus' proudest creation, could not enjoy any prerogative. She thrust open the gate, she knew, meeting her master would be just moments away.

She was totally worn out by the day's rat race in the city. She felt the fatigue building up deep down, waiting for one suitable opportunity to explode. She made herself a tub of lukewarm water and dropped a few drops of bathing perfume.

An immediate chemical reaction aroused an oleander-scent, inhibiting the entire bathroom. She submerged her body within and slowly lost her sense of conscious, unnoticing the befall of a tragedy.

Pitch darkness welcomed her as she walked into the extension. She had not been here for the past thousand years. Here, she came to life; here, she spend her 'demonhood'; here, would also be her terminating point of her daemonic life, as she would be proceeding into a new chapter of life. She knew, this is the back door to the hades. Sitting on the stygian mist, the little old man's body was misty as the haze. He spoke.

"You really want to give up your supernatural powers?" he quested.

"Please, my lord." she craved. She did not plead for he was her creator, her present powers could eliminate all mankind with a simple clap. She pleaded for the hades...