A Truly ‘Wilde’ Performance

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Oct 7/2013

A Truly 'Wilde' Performance

A play of love, deception, and hiding and revealing secrets is brought to life by director Peter Hinton and the rest of the cast. Written by the famous Oscar Wilde this play has ha people ranting about it for over a century. The piece has people on their toes in suspense trying to guess what will happen next. A Play recreated this many times means it had to have gotten better and the audience could see a mixture of past uses and the uniqueness of the director.

In the era of the 1700's Lady Windermere (Marla Mclean) has found out her husband has been paying large amounts of money to another women. The assumption is affair which leads to snooping and loss of trust. But it is Lady Windermere's birthday and Lord Windermere (Martin Happer) wants the fog to clear and secrets to be revealed to gain Lady Windermere's trust back again.

He invites this mysterious woman (Mrs. Erlynne) that everyone thinks they know to the party. One event leads to another ending up in Lady Windermere running away, filled with anger. But a lot of character development is revealed through Mrs. Erlynne and the audience is left questioning wanting more.

The pictures Hinton created together with Louise Guinand (lighting), Teresa Przybylski (sets), and William Schmuck (costumes) are so incredible that many wish cameras were aloud in the theatre so the snapshot could be studied at leisure, like great portraits. The set were mesmerizing and caught the audience's attention every scene change. The most effective and attention grabbing idea was the curtains; they consisted of three curtains moving in separate directions, up and down, and two on either side of the stage moving horizontally. This concept made it easier on the crew to change...