The Truman Show

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Throughout 'The Truman Show' Peter Weir has used images and themes to show how the media blur the line between reality and unreality, not only in Truman's world but also in our own. Weir has used this scene to show an underlying message that 'The Truman Show' is a metaphor for our own situation we either get sucked in by the media's control or escape from the entrapment. This scene is where Truman's attempt at escape begins.

After failing to book a flight to Fiji and trying to take a bus to Chicago, which broke down, Meryl comes home to find Truman sitting in the car. She gets in and Truman shows her that several random occurrences are actually people on a loop.

The scene begins as Truman locks the car doors in an attempt to leave the city and he tells Meryl that he wants to go straight away.

The close up of Truman through a fish eye lens shows his serious but uncanny behaviour through his laughter and the expression on his face. The camera moves to a close up of Meryl showing her shocked reaction as Truman drives out of the driveway. The rhythmic drumbeat goes perfectly with Truman's change of character.

We then see a close up of the number plate at the back of Truman's car, which reads, "Seahaven Island, A nice place to live", this is in complete contrast with Truman's behaviour and his driving. He starts to test the boundaries of his world of vivid blue skies, immaculate rooftops and white picket fences.

Through a hidden camera on the road we see Truman enter a round about, he drives around and around it dangerously which he justifies as being spontaneous. With a frightened fake laugh Meryl tries to adjust...