The Truman show: individual through escape

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People often fall into the trap of disillusionment, accepting reality as it is presented. ‘The Truman Show’ depicts the struggle of a man in a perfect world who finds the need to escape. Truman’s character early on is conflicted with the need to explore and a longing to find the truth but only to be shot down by his own teacher. Trapped in his own utopia, Truman is bound by fate to escape. Disillusionment in the characters life is caused by media control of occurrences, which only further complicates Truman’s desire to leave his world. Escape cannot only be physical but mental, as Truman attempts to recreate his school crushes picture with magazine clips he reminisces on a time when he was truly happy. Fear runs the thoughts of those who are blind to the truth, a seed planted long ago when Truman was a child. Truman’s fear of water is used to bind him to the small city he lives in.

The character is unable to break loose from his own routine life until conflicted with the feeling of conformity and being watched. The first instance of true escape was when Truman had been able to break free from the cameras, which symbolized him beginning to break free from the bondage of his own society. Escape from disillusionment is a positive as long as the disillusion is an undesired condition. It is ironic that the character finds it so necessary to leave such a “perfect world”. Truman’s situation is no different from that of our own. The underlying message is that 'The Truman Show' is a metaphor for our own state of being we either get taken a hold of by the media's control over society or escape from the entrapment in which we are...