Truman Speaks An exclusive interview with Truman Burbank An Imaginary Interview from the Movie The Truman Show

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Me: So Truman, let's start at the beginning. What first made you think that something was wrong with your world?

Truman: Well, actually, not a whole lot. It was just a feeling at first. Then I started to notice that things were too regular, calculated even. It just didn't fit together right. Then everyone tried so hard to convince me that nothing was going on; it just clicked.

Me: How did you feel when you found the door in the sky?

Truman: Thankful, really. I knew I wasn't crazy. It was kind of exciting to know I was right. But it was scary too. I mean, how would you feel if you just found out for sure that everything you knew, your whole world, was fake, and the rest of the real world was watching you 24 hours a day?

Me: Well, I guess I would be surprised too.

Truman: Surprised is not even the word...

Me: I suppose not. So what happened when you walked through the door?

Truman: They came after me. They tried to stop me; to say it was my duty to stay. I told them to screw off, I was finally taking control of my life and I wasn't going to be pushed around. It surprised them enough that they just stood there with stupid looks on their faces. I just kept on walking.

Me: What did you feel, especially when Christoff was talking to you from the sun?

Truman: Well, I was shocked, angry, happy, excited, everything. I was angry that he was trying to keep me there. It ticked me off that he said he cared about me so much, yet he tried to kill me in the storm. Not even that, but the fact that he kept me in that fake world...