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Humankind under and circumstance should be trustworthy. The key to our future lies in our hands we either choose to live a life known a liar or live a life known as a trustworthy person.

Unfortunately, many people think that the most important thing in life is to succeed. They want to get rich and rise to the top as quickly as possible. They do not care who gets hurt or who losses money. Dishonest and deceit appear very successful.

We believe that dishonesty is a bad thing. We preach honesty to others but disregard it when it puts limits on our freedom of action.

It is very difficult to be honest in a dishonest society. It puts you in a decision of disadvantage. You may not be able to become rich by honest means, while others will gather wealth by dishonesty.

Some people may argue that the only way to get ahead in life is to lie and cheat.

Yes, this is true; however, what kind of a life do you live in if you are constantly on the run. Scared that you might get caught.

Success is a good thing only when attained by honest and fair means otherwise it is a plague. A dishonest man is capable of doing anything he wants. If he can deceive individuals for a few coins, he can also betray his nation for a higher price.