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Everything starts with trust. Friendships, relationships, daily routines, careers, etc. For example, you wouldn't tell your friends secrets or wouldn't ask them to take care of your house when your on vacation if you didn't trust them. You wouldn't go out to your mailbox if you didn't trust you would be safe when you came back. This world would be pretty messed up without any trust.

What happens in society if citizens do not have trust in friends and family? Well, it would be pretty miserable. We wouldn't be able to share any thing with anyone. All of your secrets, feelings, and thoughts would be bottled up inside you. It could also be very dangerous if we didn't trust one an other. For example, if someone was depressed and had thoughts of hurting themselves, they wouldn't tell anyone and probably wouldn't get the help they need. It could end up as a very messy situation.

Also, if someone threatened you, you wouldn't trust any one enough to tell them, and that could also end up as a bad situation.

What would happen to citizens if they didn't trust their daily life's? Well, that would also be a very miserable world. We wouldn't be able to go out and get groceries, drive our cars, even really go out in public! It would be really unfortunate if we had not trust at all. Even though most people don't think about trust when it happens, its really always there.

What if we didn't trust our schools and work places? How would we make a living? How would we earn money? Well, the short answer is we really wouldn't have great careers let alone very much money. If you cant even trust something wont happen to you when you step out side your...