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Steinbeck is saying that if one is hurt to go to the less needy people because they are the one individuals to help. When one is hurt, they would probably want to go to one who they know, not a stranger.

A person is more likely to go to a family member because that individual has known their family all his/her whole life. Trusting is important because when one is hurt and needs someone, that person will be there for them and can accept the thoughts that individual will tell him/her. Others may not like to do this because there is no one that that individual can trust. However, there is always someone there for a hurt person - God. God is there for all to talk to when in hurt or in need.

In addition, when one is in need, an individual cannot go to the poor because they are people who are not as wealthy as others.

Some may need items that others may not have. Even though the poor is kind, loving, and caring, they do not necessarily have the money to get the proper items that one may need. For example, just because a person is wealthy doesn't mean they will not help. It's like the old saying, "Don't judge a book by its cover." Many celebrities like Sandra Bullock and Taylor Swift give their own money to hurricane and other natural disasters victims.

In conclusion, when someone is in trouble or hurt, they should go to an individual who they can rely on and trust. Also, when one is in need for something, less needy people might not be able to afford that need. Most everyone, everywhere will always have that one must trusted person to always go to for help or for trouble.