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In today's world trust is increasingly becoming an important communication problem among people and societies. The way how people perceive 'trust' undergoes to a change and this creates a social environment which is much vulnerable to lie, to doubt and to feel insecure. This concludes in a society made up of weak relationships, because the basis of every society are their individuals.

At this point, I guess we need to understand how does this individuals' perception of trust effected or what are the conditions that builds up trust among people, and how do we decide to trust someone ? Do we always trust in someone who we believe in?

How do we differentiate to trust and to believe in someone from one to another?

TRUST is simply defined as BELIEF that someone or something is reliable, good, honest, effective and so on… On the other hand, when we fell sure of the TRUTH of something or when we accept a statement as TRUE we simply BELIEVE in it.

Since there is no single truth, every person decides their own truth by interpreting the conception of 'true.' In my opinion, in order to name something as 'true', people need to trust it. In this case, what I want to do is to deepen the concept of trust. When I detailed this simple concept, I've realized trust has dimensions and its a both logical and emotional process.

One of the dimensions of the trust is predictability. Most of the people tend to plan their future, even if its a short-term plan. Correspondingly, they are in need to know what might happen next. So that they mostly choose to communicate with people who shows predictable manners. This gives a kind of feeling that they can trust predictable people.

On the other...