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Frontline: Truth?

"Whoever holds the power tries to own the truth". Write a persuasive article in which you explore the above statement in your prescribed and related texts.

The manipulation and deviation of a "supposed" truth can often be distorted by the "big guns" of society. Whoever holds the power, in other words, tries to own the truth. Does society allow this ownership of truth to be accomplished, or does it simply defend with obstruction? Influential industry professionals, in particular present in the world of media, control the information we read, see, and hear, offering sometimes misconceived thoughts on events. Opinions prevail, as powerful figureheads decide what we inhale. And is this ethical? Through studies of Frontline and other sources, we see the relationships between those who hold the key, and the lock in which it is placed.

Pushing the boundaries of truth and reality are issues continually faced in the world of journalism, with society's continuous entrapment in beliefs of "truth" taking first preference because it's "in the media".

The ownership of truth by those who have considerable power cannot be underestimated as a convenient key into pastiche of truths, rather than the absolute. Often the higher informed societal figures are the least conscious of morale, social, and ethical issues. In the Frontline episode 'Add Sex and Stir', truth is manipulated for ratings and controversy, with absolute truth/journalistic ethics taking the backseat as "a leso story" is launched by Brooke that could potentially ruin the reputations of an entire netball team. Sexism prevails as journalists and media professionals sacrifice truth by "Reporting half the story and beating up the rest". As seen through Brooke's manipulation of fact through pastiche and editing, demonstrations of the classic "Take any story, add sex, and stir" were exemplified. Trying to own the...