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Truth about alcohol True or False 1.When drunk, if you drink coffee will it help to clear your head? False, The liver can process only so much alcohol per hour, so only time can sober someone up, Afterward, there may be a hangover to contend with.

2.People get less when they drink beer vs. wine? False, Alcohol is alcohol, stresses Michael Vozzelli. Ten ounces of veer contain as much as 4-ounce glass of wine or a shot of whiskey. Enough of any of them get anybody drunk.

3.Eating food keeps people from getting drunk? False, food slows alcohol's absorption into the blood, but it won't prevent some one for getting drunk.

4.If friends drinking and drive, it's their chose. Its not you place to interfere? False, Real friends watch out for each other. If teens drink at someone's house, the homeowner may have legal liability, too.

5.Alcohlic drinks have "empty calories," so they won't make people gain weight? "Empty calories: means alcohol lacks significant nutritional value. Its calories can still as weight.

6.Drinking is OK for athletes? False, Paid endorsements may induce former athletes to appear in ad but drinking is bad news for weight training or sports performance.

7. Alcohol provides energy? False, Alcohol is a depressant. At first it seems to energize, but then it quickly slows your body down.