The TRUTH about men

Essay by final_fantasysback September 2004

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Are we sluts? Is it right to call a woman a slut because of the amount of men she has slept with? Can anyone think of a guy/man you know that sleeps with lots of girls, but doesn't get called names? Why us woman? Ill tell you why. During the 1900's, woman wore tight shoes and skirts that touched their shoes. This girls, is what turned men on in those days. How attractive! Anyway, men were known to be the ones that cheated on their wife's and had affairs with trashy ankle length skirted girls. Yet, when a woman is caught in someone else's bed, she was either burned at the stake (bit dramatic of course), or simply sacked from her housekeeping job. Years later, this is the same life we woman lead. Sluts, hore's and prostitutes. All for the sake of men. A good example of this is a program I watched once called 'footballers, sex and drugs'.

The name might give it away. The footballers would get drunk, smoke some drugs and end up in bed with about five of their fellow players and about 10 women. Only two of these women reported this to the police as they were drugged by the footballers and felt used and dirty. The police called them all sluts and hore's, and some had to go into therapy because of it. This isn't right. Men get off way to easily for my liking.

Picture this, you come home from work to your $5,000,000 house and you find your husband having sex with a woman 10 years younger than you. STOP! Now, picture this, you're in bed with a man 10 years older than you and your husband walks in the room. Which one looks worse? They both do. Yet for...