"Truth Naked"

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Truth Naked stars a professional married couple, Tom and Susana Ever. Their mission is to enlighten and energize the human spirit through creation and performance of original dance works. They try to engage and educate people by utilizing dance as an expression of cultural diversity and try to make it a universal experience.

The lights go on and Susana is sitting on Tom. The music is soothing and soft. He does a complete circle by pushing himself with his arms on his stomach with her on top of him. To me, the circle symbolized a night of sleep together and the circular motion represents the hours on a clock that they were asleep. He begins to mimic the motion of swimming and she is holding his feet. He drags her behind him by pulling himself with his arms on the floor. When I watched this, I thought of them swimming through a sea of dreams and he was leading her.

They then sit in a lotus position together and she sighs as if it were the end of the night and morning had arrived. This was very modern to me because it was dance through simple motions alone and not something someone typically associates with dance. The scene then ends and the music then turns to something more lively and up beat. Hearing this made me think of day time. The scenes starts out with Tom watching Susana do different dance steps and he begins to critique her dance movements. When he is not looking she also critiques his dance movements. The music and lighting change and he holds her back up in the air. The tune is melodious. She holds his legs while he walks on his hands. There is an element of trust and love as the...