Tsar Nicholas and Alexandra

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The lives of the last Tsar and his wife are well-known. The story of their romance, life and the fate they shared with their children in a Siberian cellar.

Nicholas and Alexandra wrote to each other a great deal during the World War I. Nicholas and Alexandra were very close and during the war the Tsar depended on his wife for political advice and support. With good reason the Tsar trusted few people, and his wife was the chief among a handful that he accepted advice from. Prior to World War I she had never been involved in politics and had focused her attentions on the comfort of her husband, their home and children.

Alexandra was a tough and strong woman, from the beginning wanted to preserve Nicholas' autocracy. She was deeply religious and conservative in her views of politics and public life in general. She even protected the heir to the throne Alexis from the public gaining knowledge of his disease, Hemophilia.

After twenty years of marriage Nicholas and Alexandra had virtually the same views on most subjects - especially politics and the central role of the throne. Her views simply coincided with those of her husband. The Tsar often ignored his wife's advice. He frequently didn't reply to his wife's recommendations at all. Alexandra seed to accept this, for she seldom brought something up more than once.

Their last day was July 16, 1918 .Nicholas, Alexandra, Olga, Tatiana, Marie, Anastasia and Alexis all lined up in the cellar of their Siberian prison late that night. They believed they were having their photo taken until armed men burst into the room and opened fire. The bodies were later hidden in a mine shaft and grenades were thrown in.

In essence theirs was a good marriage by Tsarist standards;...