TSI , A Case study from Saudi Aramco Hospital on TSI

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1.0 Introduction:

'TSI is a new approach to planning, designing, 'problem solving' and evaluation. The process employs a range of systems metaphors to encourage creative thinking about organizations and difficult issues that mangers have to confront.' ( Flood, R.L. & Jackson. P45).

TSI is a methodology or meta-methodology which gives a new approach to planning designing, problem solving and evaluation.

It has its own philosophy, principles, and phases to make it helpful and easier for management to use.

And even with its own weaknesses and strong points it still gives managers the big picture of the situation, and the method to solve complex problems as well as simple ones.

This paper will tackle TSI and provide a real example of Aramco Dhahran Primary Care Clinic to help in understanding TSI.

2.0. Philosophy of TSI

TSI is a new development of system thinking it stands on three positions, these are 'complementarism, sociological awareness and the promotion of human well-being and emancipation' .

2.1. Complementasism

It means that different methodologies express different sensible and reasonable solution as a result of adopting many alternative theoretical positions they reflect.

2.2 Sociological Awareness:

it recognize the organization and societal pressures that have led to certain systems methodologies, and TSI user needs to study social consequences of using particular methodologies .

2.3 Human well being and Emancipation:

TSI seeks to achieve freedom and independence for all individuals working in organizations and in the society. Human beings born with interest in freeing themselves from restrictions forced by power relation and have the power and will to control their own future and destiny

(Flood and Jackson, 1991: 46-49)

TSI take into account the whole organization in order to prevent an undesirable consequence, it develops a big picture from the perception of the people involved. and ensure to meet...