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Throughout the years I have watched many films, many good films; films with meaning, films that have made me cry and films that have made me laugh. But there is one film that caught my eye; clasped my heart; and captured my feelings. 'Tsotsi'.

Who is 'Tsoti'? During six days in the terrible terrifying violent life of a young Johannesburg gang leader we see many mysteries about our main character, Tsotsi. Because the film wants us curious and mystified, we don't learn of Tsotsi's real name until later on in the film. He carries the name Tsotsi because he is a thug but also he uses it to hide his true identity. However the film with a deep emotional power and a mans who cold eyes shows no emotion and who kills unthinkingly is transformed by something as small as a baby

There are several breath-taking things in this movie that has hit my heart.

The dynamic director Gavin hood has produced this strong, forceful movie and why I find this film so powerful was because every little thing within 'Tsotsi' was symbolic and significant in some way: the setting. The constant colour that fills the streets and air is brown which represents mud and dirt. The slightly dark, gloomy, humid skies add to the effect of poverty in South Africa which was a real eye opener for me. Compared to the busy city in London where I live with the tall buildings and clean streets; South Africa's shanty towns are small with low single buildings made from scrap metal. The shanty towns are like a replacement area for those not good enough for the outside richer world, but it make me wonder how someone such as Miriam, a kind, caring person could end...