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"Tucker-The Man and His Dream" 1. Ever since the beginning Tucker had one main dream, which was to design and manufacture the finest car ever made by man. To get this dream to come true he does many things, first he advertises it in a magazine and then he has to make the car so that he can display it to people and companies so they will buy and invest in it. Next he began production of this car, through the new plant he just gained. The people who support Preston are of course his whole family, which includes his wife, and his son who even did not go to Notre Dame College to help his dad. Other people who help him are Jimmy the Japanese engineer, Abe Karots, and Howard Hughes who lets Preston in on how to get some metal.

In the movie it seems as if the whole world puts down Tucker and his dream, which include Senator Ferguson and his contacts from the media who help corrupt the Tucker company, there and also the owner of the company Mr.

Bennington who tries to change all of Tuckers' ideas. Tucker takes many steps to fulfill his dream, he starts off by advertising in a magazine and then he is asked to meet with people so he may gain his own factory and money to start production of the car. He is then asked if he can display the car which he has not even built yet, but somehow he builds a prototype to display, but it does not have the full functions of the car he wants. He is then asked to do more publicity and then finally he starts building cars until the evil Senator and his "Big Three" decide to charge Tucker on...