"Tuesdays with Morrie" a Modern Day Hero, by Mitch Albom

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"Tuesday's With Morrie" is about a dying professor's last lesson with his students. Morrie, the professor, is a wise old man with ALS or commonly known as Lou Gerigh disease. Despise having the disease, he is very loving and optimistic with all the people who come to see him and say goodbye. Morrie shares his wisdom with everyone who comes to see him but mostly the author of the book Mitch Albom. He shares his wisdom about life, marriage, money and death. He uses a lot of examples from his own life experiences but being the college professor he is, he read a lot of books and quoted a lot of writers and poets. He used these quotes when Mitch came to visit every Tuesday to mimic the time when Mitch was a student of Morrie. They called this time "class" and discussed what these quotes meant in everyday life.

In the early stages of the disease, Morrie was a guest on ABC's Nightline with Ted Koppel. In the interview, the final question they asked Morrie was about his worst fears of the disease and what it will eventually do to his body. Morrie looked straight into the eyes of Ted Koppel and said, "Well, Ted, one day soon someone is gonna have to wipe my ass!". An interesting quote, coming from a frail man. He makes the point on one of the most dependent and private things someone has to do. The quote can also mean, besides killing him, it is taking away his human privileges and privacies. This quote can also be applied to basic life as simple as washing your hands or soaping your body in the shower or even drying yourself after getting wet. This shows that Morrie, a very dependent person in...