How To Tune A Snowboard

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A snowboard needs to be properly maintained for optimum performance. It should be tuned at least twice a year or every forty hours of use. There are several things that must be done regularly to keep your board working properly.

Wax serves several purposes that are often overlooked. Wax seals your snowboard from water, which will cause the edges to rust and the core of the board to rot. Wax also helps you go faster so you won't get stuck on the flat spots. Warm wax should be used in slushy snow, cold wax for powder, and polar wax for temperatures below ""10 degrees Fahrenheit. To apply the wax one should iron a thin layer of wax over the entire surface of the board. Keep the iron moving at all times because the heat will blister the surface of the board. Allow the wax to penetrate for thirty minutes then use a plastic scraper to remove all the excess surface wax.

Then gently brush the board from tip to tail with a structure brush or brillo pad this will smooth any inconsistencies left from the scraping. After you brush the board use a fibretex pad to remove the dust from the surface of the board.

Most snowboarders are constantly running over rocks and sticks, which gouge and dull the edges of the board. This causes you to lose grip on carves and transitions. The edges of the snowboard should be sharpened after every four or five hours of use. To do so you should use a rubber stone to remove any rust from the edges. Take the bindings off the board and place it securely in a vice and set the base angle of the edging tool. The base angle should be one or two degrees for race and...