Tuned mass damper

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Student ID: 2150586 PM505 - 2T(FEB) Tutor: Barbara Howarth

Module Code: PM 505 - 2T(February)

Class Group: Group Z

Module Title: Research project (science and engineering)

Assessment: Research project

Assignment Title: comparative and combination of two seismic control systems tuned mass damper and base isolation

Word count: 6187

Tutor Name: Barbara Howarth

Date of Submission: July 17th, 2014


Earthquakes is a sudden violent shaking of the ground cause by a slip on a fault of the Earth's crust. When earthquakes occurred, seismic waves are created which is translated into dynamic forces resulting in vibration to any structure that attached to the ground (Cheng et al., 2008:2). Depend on the magnitude of the earthquake, the number of casualties and the amount of damages can be enormous. Structure technologies are continuously improving in order to cope with this natural disaster. While conventional strategies of increasing stiffness of the system consume more materials and energy, alternative strategies such as passive seismic control systems are found to be more effective and more economical (Julie et al., 2008:1). This study focuses on the performance evaluation of two passive seismic control systems tuned mass damper and base isolation in vibration control of multi-storied building. In general, stumbling block of each system has been revealed as base isolation structures tend to be vulnerable to long period ground motions due to resonances and tuned mass damper systems are less effective in short period range (De Iuliis et al., 2008:1). This fact leads to an equal important task of combining both techniques into a unique system. Investigation of the proposed system theoretically and practically proved to be superior to a single separate one. This paper provides a promising alternative solution for seismic control strategy thereby reducing damages of future earthquake. However as only passive techniques...