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Movie Review The movie, "Good Will Hunting" is a story about a rebellious blue-collar math prodigy with a highly defensive personality. Will Hunting is a troubled genius that grew up in a succession of orphanages in South Boston, the gritty part of town. Physically and emotionally battered as a young child by his foster dad, he has trouble truly connecting with anyone or anything. Now working as a janitor at MIT, he is a self-taught connoisseur of history, politics, the arts and also has a good photographic memory. But he is supernaturally adept at mathematics and drives the school's professors to bewilderment by secretly solving complex equations left overnight on blackboards. Discovered one evening by an award-winning professor, he attempts to steer him into the world of professional mathematicians, Will isn't interested in the prospects of large salaries or in being heralded as the next Einstein.

He doesn't know what he wants to do with his life, but he's pretty sure it isn't math -- his inherent nature as a shattered soul blinded by rage will not allow him to feel any fulfillment in acquiring a better aspect of life through his abilities, mostly because he's too contained with fear to step out from behind his shield of defensiveness and let the world see him for who he truly is.

After one too many arrests for bar and street fights, Will gets out of a jail sentence by agreeing to seek therapy and solving math equations under Professor Lambeau's supervision. The professor comes up with many shrinks that fail and crumble under the intelligence and childish antics of Will Hunting. But when all else fails Professor Lambeau recruits an old colleague who now teaches at a local community college. Sean is also lost in his own...