Turbulence and Organizational Change: Praful Rastogi's Experience in TCCL

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This case deals with an old, diversified organization that attempts to cope with the dynamics of ageing, and also changes in the external environment. It specially focuses on the experiences of Praful Rastogi's in the organization: he takes up the role of change agent and handles assignments in two divisions (caustic soda division & marketing division). This involves the process of reorganizing the divisions and redesigning the organizational structure by redesigning the roles of key organizational members. During the period of two years this old established organization was caught in a whirlpool of change.

Some organizations, deal well with change. In fact, they seem to thrive on it. They take its challenges as sources of enormous energy to drive them forward -- yet they cut their own path.

Some organizations fall apart in the face of change. They seemed well organized -- vigorous growth -- until something changes in their environment.

This is what happened to TCCL, things started to fall apart.

Question 1

Experience of assisting the top management in planning and implementing organizational change.

Praful Rastogi took up the role of change agent in the organization. This was when the younger family members were in control. PR's entry into the division was made easy because he had full support from the GM (Tech.) Being an outsider his role was a bit complex. Months later he was called to assist the GM (Corporate Personnel) to study the marketing organization of the same division. The company was then going through traumatic times. PR managed to change the organizational structure with the help of top management. They seemed to be very cooperative. Both the projects seemed to be moving in the right direction. But due to the family fighting for the reins of the company, they let up on long...