Turkey:a nation, it's not for dinner

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A Nation, Its Not For Dinner

For a fairly new nation Turkey is a fast growing and getting well deserved respect. Turkey is a parliamentary democracy under the constitution which her government conceived in 1982. She is located in southern Eurasia just north of Iraq. The executive branch consists of a president, who is elected by the national assembly for a seven-year term, and a prime minister, who is appointed by the president. Members of the unicameral national assembly are elected by the people to serve five-year terms. There is a cabinet, but the senior policy-making body is the national security council, which is dominated by the military.

The Turkish Republic was established in 1923, following the fall of the Ottoman Empire. The First World War, in which the Ottoman Empire took part on the losing side, signaled its end. As the Empire crumbled, Turkey rose up in a War of Liberation against the invading powers and the Sultan's government.

It was successful and resulted in the Lausanne Peace Treaty of July 24th 1923. The Republic of Turkey was declared on

October 29th 1923. The success of Turkey set an example to many nations struggling for independence in Asia and Africa. Turkey immediately followed a course of modernization and reform in every form. Despite the fact that the liberation struggle had been waged against major European powers, Turkey proceeded to establish good relations and cooperation with the West, and based her political and legal systems on modern, secular



Elections for Presidency are held every seven years. Political parties wishing to participate in elections have to fulfill the following conditions. They must have established organizations in at least half of the 76 provinces at least six months prior to the date of the

election, and either...