Turkish Energy Sector (1923-1975)

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Before giving information about the development of the energy sector, information about the source of the energy will help us to understand the sector. Energy sources severs in two parts as primary energy sources and secondary energy sources :

Primary Energy Sources: These are the energy sources which can be used with their own properties without changing their main properties. We can give coal and firewood as an example.

Secondary Energy Sources: The natural properties of these energy sources are changed with some processes and a different type of energy source is formed. Production of electricity from patrol and water energy in the thermal and hydroelectric power plants can be given as an example.

1923 - 1933 PERIOD

After the War of Independence, to find out and to solve the economical problems of our country, in 1923 Ä°zmir Economical Assembly had assembled together.

In this meeting, the following matters are estimated about the energy:

1-Precautions to be taken in order to improve the situation of Ereğli - Zonguldak watershed and Soma and other coal fields,

2-To provide all national establishments, railways, factories to use local coal and even to have agricultural machines work with this fuel,

3-To protect our coal which compensates the needs of the country except the coke and anthracite coal

4-To determine the geological structure of the Ereğli- Zonguldak watershed, to prepare the maps in a good way, and to determine the bounds and the ownership situation and to result the cases about these problems as soon as possible.

In the year 1923, the dominating view about energy in our country was to meet the energy need from local sources, especially with mine coal except for extraordinary situations.

The usage of the motor in the industry stayed in...