Turn of the Century Sports. Discusses the media's involvement with athletes and the influence of money.

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Sporting events have brought us great memories and plenty of entertainment throughout our society for years. Superstars, idols, and heroes are founded through this great industry. Sports have developed drastically and it will only continue to grow, however there are many obstacles that seem to be slowing this process down. Is our Media causing unnecessary chaos? Are athletes becoming money hungry or are they still playing out of love? Why are kids leaving college in search of a profession in professional sports, and when did our athletes begin using steroids to enhance their abilities? These are questions that mind boggle the public. Sports have been very influential and should continue to thrive as long as we the public steer it down the right path again.

Recently athlete's salaries have developed into a very controversial issue. While players are making hundreds of millions of dollars their complaining seems asinine. Salary caps are rules that were developed to keep players and teams restricted from controversial money issues.

These rules seem to be disputed every couple of years either by athletes, umpires, or owners causing a great deal of problem. When sports first began money wasn't the issue at all, and now that the industry has flourished things have changed. Baseball is one of the highest paying sports and there seems to be a strike every five years. This is completely unacceptable especially when the minimum salary in baseball is a couple of hundred thousand dollars. The average working man doesn't even come close to those type figures.

Upcoming athletes that are exceptionally talented have been leaving college early in order to enter the draft hoping to make millions. This just proves that the dollar sign has become more important than an education. There should be some type of rule set up in...