Turning a house into a home (dream house).

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Turning a House into a Home

Looking into space, you observe lush mountains of rich green grass, with houses sprinkled sporadically over the lay of the land. A city near by, but not close enough to hear nor see the complexity of an over- crowded area. You feel dreamy and peaceful as you are led up a smooth gravel driveway, bordered by white fences intertwined with green grape vines. It's the little things that can make a house a home, and many more important things that you can pick up along the way.

As you approach the looming but also warming cream with red trim, two story house- Just like your favorite pair of pants- the house itself seems to fit just right. In front lies green, freshly cut lawns on each side of the driveway. Rich dirt mountains around the crisp blades of grass, covering the deep brown dirt with wild pink, orange, yellow, and purple flower's border the lawns.

. Occasional wide spread fruitless plum trees pop up, offering shade to all that is under it during the hot humid summer days. Catching your eyes quickly you see shiny, almost invisible windows covering practically every inch of the house. This gives the house a rich, more spacious look.

Walking up the dark red wooden stairs, you can't help but stare at the mahogany door. Stained glass compliments the door, with basically all the colors in the rainbow inter-mixed. As you turn the golden brass handle, you step onto the off-white marble floor, which welcomes you into the house. You are then guided through the house to the family room, where you are overcome with ease and comfort. White, smooth, leather couches cool you from the heat outside as you put your feet up on a glass see...