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5. What point is the author making in his reference to an American television that depicts the election of a black president to the white House?

The point Dwyer makes is that American television, and especially the show 24, presents US with a black president. However, it is ironic since there is no support of the black people in the politics. It is not believable, there is no story behind such ideas and still the point is that the US wants to impress the public and to show that everything is possible in their country. Unfortunately, possible only on TV.

6. What comparison does he draw between American and Canadian television? How does his choice of Canadian television programs support his argument?

The comparison Dwyer draws between American and Canadian television is that both televisions are intended to inform the population. However, the Americans can't see the difference between how they see themselves and what is the real truth about their nation.

The television programs have shows for each group the population is divided into - black/white, rich/poor, with/without health care. This way every group is kept under control as long as the shows don't comment on political issues, and there are no opinions presented. Without knowledge the people don't struggle for a change and don't take part in the decision-making regarding their country and their lives. At the same time, Canadians are more informed about both the world and what is going on in their country. Television shows like The Eleventh Hour, This hour has 22 minutes and Late Saturday night show present the truth about the condition the nation is in. These shows are presented to the public in prime time hours and the programs don't try to hide information. These differences make Canadians more conscious of...