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Television's growing demand throughout the 1960's caused society and everything in it to adjust. Politics was one of the first things to adjust. Politics as it had been before the 1960's had begun to adjust its self to how television was changing society. Society was starting to view television as the center of their environment and politics started to use that to its advantage by broadcasting the debates on the television. The technological changes grew to major reasons why politics and society had changed. The technological advancements had begun to make things a lot easier than they had been in the past. The technological advancements that encouraged these moves were the invention of the television, the video recorder, and video tape. The citizens although not all being able to afford television sets did however listen to the debates on the radio. This caused differences in many minds of viewer and listeners because the citizens that listened to them on the radio were not able to take in the full effect of watching the debates and looking at the candidate's composure and looks, which would give the citizen a split decision about whether John F. Kennedy won the debate or if Richard Nixon won the debate.

Television revolutionized politics in the United States beginning with the presidential debates of 1960, as technology improved and television audiences increased, campaign strategies changed to utilize this medium.

Since the presidential debates of 1960 were the first to be televised, there were many things that now had to be addressed that had not been necessary in previous years. In previous years, the debates have been broadcasted through the radio and the complicated problems that had to be faced now were not seen. The television's use within politics was a great turn in events but it...