Will TV survive?

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Will TV survive?

Since the beginning of time, people have amused themselves through various forms of entertainment. These may have consisted of telling stories such as of a famous hunt, playing primitive forms of instruments such as animal hide drums, singing, dancing around a fire, acting, and participating in various forms of sports, such as hunting, running, canoeing, and some other sports similar to what we play today. As time progressed, however, people stopped following herds and, instead, began to settle down to live more peaceful lives. As a result, humans had more time to spend learning, researching, and relaxing. These reasons led to the invention of different forms of media like radio, TV and Internet. TV has been a very popular form of media and entertainment since its invention because it offers different types of shows and programs for entertainment, education and news. The invention of Internet has had a lot of effects on people's lives.

The Internet is a combination of all forms of media like radio, TV, newspaper, books, and magazines. The Internet gives users access to all of these forms by a click of your mouse. Now the world is moving much faster because of the internet. Although internet has become a very popular form of media and entertainment, TV hasn't still lost its reputation.

Ever since the first television station was licensed in 1941, our lives have been affected by the presence of television. Television is a constant form of entertainment and excellent source of information that is accessible by millions of people. Television shows different roles in society; therefore, people are able to better understand others' experiences and responsibilities. In addition, people should know and understand current events of the world to help them better understand the effects of these events on society.