Tv Violence.

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Mass Mediated Violence

I think that the media have little to do with the increase in violence. Too many people try to place the

blame of their actions on someone or something else. I think that there are several steps that should be

taken to eliminate violence. Factors that are to blame for violence are parents roles in their children's

lives and personal responsibility. Consequences should be more effectively carried out. Alternatives to

violence should be encouraged and practiced on a greater scale.

I think that the process of discouraging violence should begin at home. Parents should raise their

children with the values and morals to act responsibly and take the blame for their own actions. Parents

should act in a manner than reflects this theory. Most people can control their actions and refrain from

violent acts. If parents encourage better behavior then children will carry out this behavior throughout

their adult lives.

When people see violence in the media, they are often shown that there are no consequences of

violence. People know the difference between reality and fantasy. In reality, there are consequences,

however, they are not always as strict as they could be. People should be aware of these consequences,

and they should take responsibility for their own actions.

My next point is that if consequences were inforced more then this would discourage people from

resorting to violence. When people see that others are being punished for their negative actions they will

see that "crime doesn't pay." This will prevent more people from committing these crimes and violent


People are entertained by violence. Media show what audiences are interested in. I think that there is

no harm in this. This is when the concept of reality and fantasy become involved. People know that

when they are...